(photo crédits : Thierry Cormery, Bruno Moyen, Ronan Legendre, Didier Cocco,
Chacha Lala, Cyril Chigot, Christine Schaller, Davide Caruso - all rights reserved)

What type of concert would you like to listen to ?

Thanks to the four polished shows they have patiently rehearsed and produced on stage, the four musicians from Patchwork are able to take you to the Cavern Club following in the BEATLES's steps, share in live the history of Rock with you, or make you sing U2's hymns and then bring back to life the mythical Freddie Mercury from the band QUEEN.

With a more than twenty years career, after more than 1500 public or private shows performed for great festivals as well as for big companies, Patchwork has gathered a large audience from Europe to China, not to mention the Qatar and the Bahamas.